The Key Is Consistency

When a business markets its products and/or services, the importance of consistency can’t be overstated – consistency in graphics and messaging.  Consistency, or lack thereof, lets your buyers either know and understand what it is your business stands for and is marketing, or they become confused, thus leading them to your business or away from it.

Here are a few things to consider regarding consistency in your branding…is the logo applied properly (follow your brand style guide), are you using the established brand colors and tagline? Is the messaging conveying key points about the business in a way that works with other messaging, does it follow the tone of voice established for the business? Are the images crisp and clear?

A brand guide is a good place to start. If your brand doesn’t have one, ask a professional for help in creating one. This guide will serve as just that – a guide to help assure your branding is consistent and clear. Moving forward, always take a moment to consider if what you are communicating to your target audience is following your brand guidelines.  Don’t cut corners. Don’t rush it.  Taking the time and effort to review your messaging for consistency will pay off in the short and long run, with more customers who are qualified to purchase what it is your business provides.