SpeedWash Car Wash

SplashSource is an absolute treasure. Whether you’re just now opening a site or you’ve been cemented into the industry for years, the minds within SS have a knack for true, inspirational marketing. And they do it all! Need help with a logo design? Done. Want to bring your vision of consistent on-site signage to life? They’ve got it covered. Want to make sure your digital imprint is clear, concise, and visually stunning? Call them. Right now.

Proficient in all avenues of marketing – email, social, and digital, etc – the ladies that I work with on a consistent basis haven’t failed me yet. And they won’t. The follow through is impeccable; their communication is bar none. Simply put, they have what it takes to make sure you reach your goals, from increasing car counts to creative grand opening strategies – SplashSource is the best.”

                          –Chris Chamberlain, SpeedWash Car Wash

Clean Machine Car Wash

“I, like many Scots before me, am a frugal man by nature so I started out having SplashSource handle only the the Facebook management for Clean Machine Car Wash.

After I saw the uptick in business we enjoyed just from those efforts, I decided to sign on for a full-service marketing with SplashSource and am so glad that I did. Mary and her team worked with me to develop a marketing plan and helped get the word out that Clean Machine not only has state-of-the-art technology, but is environmentally-friendly as well, a big selling point here in Florida.

SplashSource also devised email and print campaigns for us as well as gift cards and menu cards and even got us great prices on printing, taking one more annoying detail off my hands.

I’m very happy with the service SplashSource provides and credit them with helping Clean Machine become the success that we are. Mary and her team work hard for me.”

–Colin Raskin

Owner Clean Machine Car Wash

Naples and Bonita Springs, Florida

Cleancar Express Car Wash

“We are a new company in the car wash industry with much to learn. Thankful and lucky for us, we have SplashSource to hold our hand down the road to success. They have worked diligently for us, in hosting monthly conference meetings to discuss previous month’s reporting’s and future month’s social media calendar. When our signage needed to be updated, SplashSource was there helping create, design and recommend the best options. They drive our social media feed ensuring we never miss a beat in welcoming the holidays, hosting contests, and even monthly recognition to other local businesses and employee spotlights. While SplashSource advertises themselves as a Full-service Marketing Agency for the car wash industry, to us, they are more then that. We have established friendships on a first name basis. When something comes up, we can text, call or email and quickly get a response and help. One of my favorite experiences working with SplashSource, was the coming together with an idea to bring attention and knowledge to our customers on where our mat cleaners are located and how to use them. With their expertise and knowledge to make it happen, we have created a tutorial video and they have created signs pointing to the mat cleaners and a QR code to attach to the mat cleaners! It was a fun project and they made it so easy.

When they say “We don’t stop till you are successful and that’s a fact.”- Believe them.”

Sabrina Allmond – Cleancar Express Car Wash – Waterloo, IL


“We had been using the marketing company our franchisor recommended (we have two of the 10 franchises of NASCAR Car Wash) and weren’t too impressed with what we were getting.  Mary and SplashSource were referred to us and we have been very happy with her work ever since.

The previous company didn’t seem to have much nuance to their approach and, though we didn’t quite know what we needed, or even what was available to us, Mary did.

She came and looked over our operation and immediately started suggesting new and different ideas. She even knew how to test things out to see what was truly effective for us.

The most visible difference right away was how Mary helped with our brand identity, making it consistent across all platforms (print, billboards, social media), which I think has been very important. When we use the same slogans, messages, colors and everything is uniform, we may grab the eye of a passing prospective customer, who may not stop that day, but six months from then, when he sees our clearly identified brand again, he will remember us and become a customer.

SplashSource handles all contacts with media companies, negotiating rates with the billboard companies for example, as well as replying to all questions from viewers on social media. If a customer needs specific feedback from me, SplashSource gets in touch and I either give her the answer or contact the customer myself. Everyone gets a timely response and no one falls through the cracks.

Mary and our team have a monthly phone meeting about upcoming events at our locations and make any necessary adjustments to our marketing plan then, so we are always aware of where we are in our marketing plan and are flexible enough to respond to anything that comes up unexpectedly.

The car wash industry is a tightknit group, everyone knows others in the industry, so Mary and SplashSource, who do such a good job, have had plenty of referrals from us and we will continue to recommend her. We speak so highly of her that she better prepare to get a huge increase in business and she’ll deserve it. Do a great job and that’s what you can expect—happy customers like us.”

—Emery Anderson, NASCAR Car Wash, Pinellas County, Florida

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