Building Inspiring Marketing

Whether you are ready to dip your toe into marketing your business or ready to cannonball right into the pool, SplashSource has promotional ideas to help drive car counts and promote unlimited wash club programs:

Logo & Brand Design

When you see the golden arches, you think hamburgers; a talking green gecko reminds you of insurance; a single checkmark has you picturing a pair of Nikes. All of these are examples of successful branding.

SplashSource can help make your brand stick in potential customers’ minds in that same way.

Your brand identity should be several things: memorable, unique and prominently displayed at your wash, on marketing materials, uniforms, cyberspace and possibly even a few billboards around your wash location.

We help you choose a theme, pick the perfect color palette, then create a customized killer logo so fantastic, you’ll be tempted to tattoo it somewhere. And before you know it, drivers in town will think of your car wash the next time a passing bird does its business on their windshields

Signage & Menu Design

Did you know that most people who stop into your carwash do so because they saw a sign? It’s true–and the bigger, brighter and bolder that sign, the better.

SplashSource knows how to create signage that cause drivers to take notice. We design so your brand identity, as well as the all important CAR WASH message don’t compete, yet compliment one another so your brand and your service are equally promoted.

Dream of a menu that is uniquely branded to your business and not a stock, off the shelf menu from one of the big sign guys? We’re here to do just that. Design a menu with unique icons and color scheme that match your brand and no one elses.

Whether it’s a monument sign, building sign, or onsite menu and promotional signage for your latest special, SplashSource grabs the eyeballs of those you most want to visit your business—paying customers.

Website Design

The web can be a confusing and competitive space. Not to worry—at SplashSource we’re are old hands at navigating the “internet of things.:

From website designs that grab attention and provides the info any prospective customer needs to know about your wash (whether they are trusting you with their new Lamborghini or their old minivan).

We can write and include monthly blog articles. We know about SEO (the choice of keywords to get your site moved up in the Google rankings) and how to maintain your site so it never gets stale.

Then we make sure it can viewed easily on all devices and we work to integrate your other marketing strategies so that they drive traffic to your site.

Email Marketing

Whether you personally like or groan at receiving emails from trusted sources, email is a powerful way to stay in touch with your current and prospective customers. We don’t overdo it either. We create interesting graphics, blog content and relevant content that your customers will engage with and we send it on a regular, but not obnoxious schedule. Stay top of mind.

Let your customers know you care about them. Wish them happy holidays. Give them an added perk for being such a great customer. Email can do it and we can do it for you so you never have to worry about “what the heck am I going to send out next month?!”

Digital Marketing

Programmatic advertising has come a long way, but it’s a complicated world. Let SplashSource take the confusion out of it and design and place online advertising campaigns where your customers are going online, and around your business (or a competitors!).

We’ll research the potential audience share and provide costs to achieve desired results, then provide reporting that quantifies results.  Ultimately we know your “results” are more customers through the wash, more unlimited wash plan memberships sold, higher ticket averages. We’ll plan and execute to achieve just that.

Social Media

f you aren’t on social media these days, you might as well be invisible, but who has time to post, track, change and update Facebook and Instagram? SplashSource, that’s who.

You go on building your business and we’ll go on building your social media presence.

We continually create the content for your social network pages and reply to comments, engage in conversations and answer messages.

We provide a monthly report showing who is engaging with your social media and what content they particularly liked.

We also create Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns that provide a “bumper” (get it?) crop of new and returning customers.

Are you ready to get started?