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Are you doing enough to maximize the potential of your car wash? The Importance of Branding for Member Retention and Long-Term Value for Your Car Wash

As a car wash owner, you may think you are doing everything possible to get people in the door (or tunnel, so to speak). You hired a marketing agency with experience in the car wash industry, you’re running online ads for free washes, promoting membership offers, and remarketing using text, email and digital ads. Does […]

Annual Marketing Plans – Now’s the time!

An annual marketing plan is a road map of your businesses annual marketing strategy. It should contain goals and priorities that your business wants to attain in the upcoming year, as well as outlining offers, promotions, media schedules, public relations, budgeting, etc. Annual planning can be the key to a successful, more organized year because you […]

SplashSource Welcomes, Tatum O’Donnell!

NAPLES, FL SplashSource a full-service advertising & digital marketing agency, has added Tatum O’Donnell to their roster as a Social Media Intern. O’Donnell is creating digital content and assisting in client management.  She works side-by-side with account managers and the creative team to help assure timely and accurate project completion. O’Donnell, a student at Florida […]

Benefits To Community Involvement?

You are a new wash in town.  Or maybe you’ve got some big competition moving in.  You have a brand identity you are proud of. You’ve determined your single wash and club packages are priced competitively. The site is clean and well maintained. The wash chemistry is dialed in to deliver a great wash consistently.  […]

Programmatic Display Ads VS PPC?

Everybody wants to jump on the paid search bandwagon. At the same time, this leaves programmatic display advertising out because many advertisers think they only want “traffic / conversions / leads”, while programmatic is for brand advertising and creating awareness for your business among those not familiar with your brand or services and may never […]

Why Isn’t My Business Showing Up In Search Results?

YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS LISTINGS When it comes to how consumers experience your business, your website is only the beginning. Today, consumers use a diverse range of maps, apps, voice search tools, digital assistants, search engines, GPS systems, and social networks to find and engage with information about your car wash. Are you in control of […]

3 Tips To Social Media Success

A lot goes into promoting your business on social media. From content calendars and photography to analytics and graphics, there are many pieces to the social media puzzle. Here are three tips to step up your online presence.   First, write down your goals. Before you get started on social media, it’s important to lay out […]

Sophia Evans Joins SplashSource

NAPLES, FL SplashSource, a full-service advertising & digital marketing agency, has added Sophia Evans to their roster as Social Media and Administrative Assistant Intern. Evans is creating digital content and assisting in the flow of agency projects and daily administrative tasks.  She works side by side with account managers and the creative team to help […]