3 Tips To Social Media Success

A lot goes into promoting your business on social media. From content calendars and photography to analytics and graphics, there are many pieces to the social media puzzle. Here are three tips to step up your online presence.


First, write down your goals. Before you get started on social media, it’s important to lay out what you want in return. Whether it’s more sales, brand awareness or promoting an event, organizing these factors will make it easier when it comes to creating graphics and a content calendar, which brings us to our next tip… create a social media calendar.


Second, create a content calendar. Once you’ve decided your goal, it’s important to strategically plan when your content will go out. Do you know when your followers are most active? Posting on specific days and times that cater to your audience will help maximize your results and improve your analytics. Plus, a calendar will just make your life easier!

Our third tip is to create graphics that are branded specifically to business. Posting graphics, photography and video with a consistent style will help your audience connect to your brand. Using the same font and color scheme is a must! Remember, social media is all about showing what you’ve got, and you want to make sure your products or services have a cohesive look to them.


Now, we can’t give all of our tips away that easily! Stay tuned for our next newsletter for more advice on stepping up your social media game!