Programmatic Display Ads VS PPC?

Everybody wants to jump on the paid search bandwagon. At the same time, this leaves programmatic display advertising out because many advertisers think they only want “traffic / conversions / leads”, while programmatic is for brand advertising and creating awareness for your business among those not familiar with your brand or services and may never search for what it is that your business provides to help make their life better, easier, more fulfilling. So let’s talk about why it is important to use a mix of these two advertising tools.

Consider these two simple scenarios. John searches “crossfit shoes new york”. He has already planned the purchase and has intentions of buying. He is at the bottom of the sales funnel, where search advertising can convert him into a client.


The, there is Jack. He does not think of buying CrossFit shoes and so he does not google anything. But, if we look closely at his interests and online behavior, we can see he fits the CrossFit brand’s target audience. Since Jack knows nothing about the product, he will not google anything and will therefore not see the search advertising. Now imagine that Jack saw a banner ad or video about CrossFit shoes. He got interested, clicked on the ad, visited and looked through the website, and then left.