We aren’t called SplashSource for nothing…we know plenty of way to net you more customers.

Our graphic designers create handouts, coupons, banners, menus, gate arms and any other printed piece to help you ballyhoo your company. We’re a print broker so we can take it from start to finish at highly competitive rates.

Want to “geo-fence” your ads? (Stick with us here.) You know your car GPS can help you find where you are going? Geo-fencing works the same way with ads. The software pushes your ads to mobile devices in certain geographical boundaries, so your ads reach potential customers when they are displayed in the apps of their mobile devices. Talk about pinpoint accuracy!

On that subject, SplashSource can create mailings for your carwash. Let’s say you want to promote your Unlimited Wash Club to the neighborhoods around your business. EEDM postcards let you send the postcard to your neighbors, and with digital remarketing we can then serve up messages in their online activity.

We design custom e-blasts too. Once a month, we send out coupons, timely news about your business, and articles which are a great way to keep your family of customers engaged. We can also target prospective customers via email. Ask us how!